Thursday, March 16, 2006

Samyama Happened.

My heart swells in gratitude for the universe for Samyama happened.
How close did I get there? How close did i miss it? i care not.
My being cannot comprehend this taste of liberation. Words are too simple to express this joy.
Crap happened in my backyard. No, in my living room.
Yet seemed so far away.
Crap awaits me when i get back to my world. Seems so close. Seems so frightening.
Yet i dance in joy.
Yet i talk so happily to my buddies like a frenzied monkey just let out of a cage. A monkey that has been in a bondage for too long a time and which has tasted the free fall of the wilderness. Had the monkey managed to come of the cage? I don't know. I don't care. But at least i know it can happen.
My body is acting like a suddenly subdued monster. That love from an inexplicable space seems to have tricked the hell of this vehicle.
My mind is acting like it has been suddenly proved like an insufferable idiot. Yet it seems to bask in its own gentle destruction.
My body subdued, my mind numbed, yet something still reigned supreme.
Oh what can i say? Oh what can i say?
Just to be here, i am ready to melt away.
I cannot handle it alone, that divine glance.
Come join this simpleton in this insane dance.


Rams said...

The madness shall continue...year after year, hopefully, in the amazing company of the insane (with joy) set of pals...

Prasanna SV said...

Cool! :-) Wish the insane dance continue for more years with more ppl joining and make it a festival someday!

A.J.Anto said...

@Rams: Count me in
@Prasanna: It doesn't take two to make a tango. Samyama IS a festival. :-)

nearfar said...

Hey, so I'm interested in this Isha thingy .. keep me updated, I'm in Bangalore .. Rams once posted a comment in my blog, and that is it.

--srid (nearfar _at_

A.J.Anto said...

Please refer I am sure there will be isha yoga classes in B'Lore in the distant future. You can call me @9849594327 in case you have any questions.

Deepak said...


Fortunately, I can relate to what you've written.

I am so very happy for you. I also hope your career awaits you once you return ;)

Another thing I wanted to mention was about your eloquence. You seem to have a way of putting seemingly difficult things easily into words. Maybe you should try your hand at story-writing or poetry-writing.

Chella said...

Saw your comments! If you are creating heaven for 364 days it doesnt mean that you have liberty to create a hell for a day. Velliyangiri is many many years old and your rocking music that doesnt have anything with spirituality is a nonsense. Brainwashed by Jaggi for seven or thirteen days!LOL!

merridian said...

oh my, I cannot wait!!!

Lakshmi said...

In the aadiyogi aalayam the dance will only get wilder with the wishes and blessing of teh guru!

Lakshmi said...

The dance will only get wilder with more people joining in at Aadiyogi aalayam with the wishes and blessings of the guru!

Lakshmi said...

With the blessings and wishes of the guru the dance will only get wilder at the aadiyogi aalayam with more people joining in!

Hardik Mishra said...

Hi .....Need to know more about this ....I am super thrilled to meet Sadhguru in IE prog that is going to happen in Mumbai this Cecember. It seems you have attended Samyama hence have traveled lot of distance in this spiritual path. Can you please give me you mail id so taht I can talk to you or your cell no ...thanks

Achilles said...

Hi, Can anyone who has done Samyama help? I am able to sit in arthasiddhasana comfortably for 40 mins. But the manual says I should sit for 1.5 hrs atleast. Although I am planning to improve in the next 45 days , would it be possible to cope up even if I am not able to cross the 40 min barrier?

Achilles said...

Need your help! I am able to sit for 40 mins in Artha siddhasana but not for 1.5 hrs, although there are 50 days for the program . Would l be able to cope up?