Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I got my notebook!

Hi all,
I have reached yet another milestone in this blogosphere by getting myself a laptop. It is almost like my hands are blessed with some more onces of agility. Well what to say, God bless Technology. Add to this I am going home at last for those beloved christmas holidays. I guess it will be a sort of triumphal return to my home. Me with the miracle machine.
Expect some accelerated Blogging activity.
P.S: And one more thing, People please read Ramasamy blog. He is totaly crazy about some romantic piece which he found out on the net.
He thinks it is tooooooo good.
I concur.


Rams said...

We are expecting more of your blogging activities...congrats for your laptop.

Arun Kalaiselvan said...

Congrats Anto...Happy Bogging