Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My beloved fellow-bloggers.

I have company after all. Some of my friends have started to blog! Here is the list, for now:
Great going guys.
One more thing, I found that my blog is ranked the highest for the query A.J.Anto in MSN search. This is great. At last I have a footprint in the Internet.
I have to say that this blogging thing is very addictive. At least initially. When a person expresses himself in words, he paints a different picture than what he is percieved to be. This is true atleast for me. There are different ways we can express ourself. According to me, one of the life's most important task is to find out that medium of expression that is most suitable to oneself. People call this medium of expression as thier profession etc. Any profession or career when viewed fundamentally is just another way of expression. For me and for most of my software brethen, computer programs are our way of expressing themselves. I must say i felt so much liberation when i first found the software medium. For this I must profusely thank my college College of engineering, Guindy and my friends in college. The act of expressing yourself in a medium suitable to you is a act of cretive joy. Few of the media are as universal as verbal expression and writing. I have a huge reservation against verbal expression. Because, it simply doesn't give me time to contemplate before I speak. In this context, Writing wins hands down. What you write can be reviewed over and over till you are sure that you really mean what you write. This is writing's essential strength. I hope I will master this medium as much as I want to.

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