Monday, February 06, 2006

The perfect mirror

I was listening to this song which comes along with a video CD that has Sadhguru's talk. It was really good listening to this. Especially along with the music.
You are my perfect Mirror. You show me what I am not. Layer by Layer you peel off me. The pain it is ,but the joy it brings. Thank you for showing me what i am not, showing what i could be. Thank you endlessly.
I am sharing this here so that you could also enjoy it. :-)


edkline8216248703 said...

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Sai Arunachalam said...

Hey Anto! Nice to see your comment.. you are so silent nowadays.. as in I don't see you in techxperts and you weren't with the other Hyd guys when they landed up here :) Anyways, have fun and yup, I'll keep posting from time to time!! :)

shaolin said...

Can you send me a link to this song please

Achyut Telang said...

Where is the link to the song? I did not find it. Could you please send me this beautiful song?

$AI said...


Glad to kno the verse that u posted about 'The perfect mirror song'.
Would you please specify on which specific CD is the song available. I am fond of that song. Or any links on the internet that would play that bit for me.

Thanking you

sanu said...

thanks a million 4 d lyrics

sathya said...

i love this song!!
Thanks for posting! :)

Prasanna said...

I love this song very much but I couldn't find the link to the song here. Appreciate if you can share it.

Thank you

Scott Tolchin said...

Can you please point me to the video or link for this song, " You are my perfect mirrir..."? I've been looking everywhere for it. I love it! Namaste