Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Looking at the blue horizon on an autumn evening, I embarked on a journey.
Setting my eyes on the orange end of the sky, I started walking with my heart burnin'.
Cos I wanted the light.
And i am not gonna give up without a fight.
Sensing my hopeless loiter,
I thought a car would get me there faster.

I revved and zoomed through the lanes.
My eyes set on the fading sky.
A certain certitude came upon me.
Alas not for eternity.

What can I call it this road?
It is slippery when I need to speed. It is car worthy and inviting when my car is broke.
How many more accidents do I need to understand that the road will not make me fly?
Rather it will continuously wind round and round this earth in a hopeless dance.
How many more mirages will I fall for?
How many more oases will feed my parched throat only to leave the drinker even more desolate?

My car lay waste upon the sand as the sun sank over the horizon.
I collapsed on the tar. My body tired.
But it is not the tire that I am weary of.
It is the hopelessness of it all that stokes fire in me.
My heart aches and cries out. I want this light.


Rams said...

Empathetic smile

Vijayaraghavan said...

:-) :-)

Prasad said...

I have understood even some of Robert Frost's second meanings!! What and all lie between the lines here? No clue!!