Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A heartfelt 'artistic' movie which makes you think. The protagonist is an talented artist who get insomniac after a painful breakup. He works in the night shift of a grocery story to fast forward his sleepless nights. There, he devises a way to stop time and appreciate the beauty that is there in the moment and in its subjects. Amazing use of an cinematic device (freezing time) to make us aware of the beauty that the artist beholds. How everyday objects become profound when you see them frozen in a moment.
Could empathize with the insomniac artist. Both artistic and blatant nudity juxtaposed to achieve stunning effects. British cinema is amazingly unapologetic and I love that!
I loved the closing line of the movie: "Once upon a time,I wanted to know what love was.Love is there,If you want it to be.You just have to see,That it's wrapped in beauty,And hidden away between the seconds of your life.If you don't stop for a minute,You might miss it."

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