Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What to say??!

Water Water everywhere not a drop to drink.
It is all around me. Yet I cannot savor it. Every breath is a sigh. Every act is a desperation. Every persona a desperado.
Stunning scenery feeds the senses. Pathos that could stab the heart. Music that could melt the being. Yet why is it fleeting? Without the ability to grasp life and its dappled experiences, my life looks like one long feverish intercourse without a climax!
Somewhere I have read that "Meditation is the only freedom". As the unrelenting ticks of the clock click away, I can feel the truth of these words in my veins. Indeed Meditation or rather Death is the only freedom.

P.S: I don't expect anyone to understand this post. If you think you feel what I am saying feel free to say something. If you think I am suicidal, well you are wrong. And back off.


Deepak said...

..."one long feverish intercourse without a climax"
Well, you're not suicidal - but your knock out punches are really good :)

See you back on track soon!

A.J.Anto said...

"See you BACK on track soon!"
Well I have not yet thread the track that I want to be in! :) (I am talking as if I know what I want. I don't.)

Vijayaraghavan said...

"one long feverish intercourse without a climax" Boy, you are hilarious !

Anonymous said...

What you want...is what brings you the most peace, and the most joy. Your Heart knows. Your mind may scoff--it is ever the detractor. But your Heart does know what it wants. Listen.

Beej said...

Hi. I happened apon your site band wanted to tell you how beautiful your writing is.