Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Kid on the block!

I did it! One year in the ashram...Don't know why this sounds like bragging..but i don't care. I am very happy that I made this happen for myself. In addition to this chronological milestone, there is another one coming along. And I am just not ready to consider that it just might come to pass..More about that in another post..
For now let me say "THANK YOU" to everyone...
Thanking these people IS obnoxious but still...
1) Thanks Lokanetra anna for the Isha Yoga program that you conducted for us some 6 years back. That class shook not just my life but also lives around me. What started as a spiritual experiment for two clueless buggers slowly started spreading like wild fire for all our friends.
2) Thanks to all my friends with whom i share this journey. The original members of the now defunct 'Madhapur-Kondapur' Hyderabad gang, Rams, Vimal, Arun, Sw. Taporati, JP, Bala, Karthik, Sharma, Naresh, Raghu, Cheziyen, etc etc..And also the gang at Seattle..What an exhilarating experience! This made-to-order sangha at home..Some of them did not my share this new-found zest but still offered me so much support.
3) Thanks Namath for everything that happened in the US for the two years I stayed there... Being with her challenged me to see myself in her shoes...I don't know whether I would be here if not for her.
4) The folks in the vault office who had to put up with so many calls which came to the ashram after i landed here.
5) Thanks to Sw. Vibodha who heads the kitchen team here for providing such wholesome food for this whole year. It is amazing to hear him address everyone irrespective of their ages as 'kannu'. That means apple-of-the-eye, usually reserved for calling small children in Tamil.
6) Thanks to everyone at the teachers training for baby-sitting me all this while.
7) And finally thanks to all those people who contributed to my cause. Thanks a ton. 439$ was raised via facebook. Another 20K INR donated via ishavidhya.org
This list is not complete and can never be completed...I have to stop now. I have to shutdown the machine because Swami Rithambara is going to kick me out if I don't! :D


As I Like it said...

Wishing you many more fruitful years to come!
Kudos & Pranams lil bro.

Abdul Basith said...

Wishing you great luck in all your endeavours Anto..Kudos to u..

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Anto. Thanks for the glimpses of the Ashram life.